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My name’s Jon, a software consultant living in Reading. Professionally, I work in the area of technology governance, such as financial management, and project and programme management. But this blog is about my personal interests.

I’m just going to let it develop over time and see how things turn out. The initial idea was as a place to display the results of my new hobby of concert photography. However it turned out I’m not going to enough gigs with the “proper” camera to hand to make that work. After shelving it for a while, this second attempt is going to cover a few more areas to provide a bit more raw material.

There is going to be a lot of political content seeing as I’ve decided to get involved. I’m not so much a political animal as a liberal one. Themes of individual freedom as part of the global community of rambunctious, rancourous and marvellous human beings will probably dominate.

Regarding the name of the site. I once joined a band in Scotland fronted by Ray, a fantastic songwriter, guitar player and singer. He described the sound he was looking for as a big, colourful Kandinsky painting. He liked albums that didn’t explore a single sound, but were an incredible mix of different influences, and every track different. Ever since I’ve used the title of one of those paintings as my online identity.

Kandinsky was an synaesthete, someone who actually perceived noises visually. Things will never be simple; we are all of us born to see the world differently. That’s where the beauty comes from if you look for it.


Love and peace,