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Pickles the Pillock

I see Eric Pickles is trying to keep the old war on Christmas meme alive. What a pillock.

First off, he should have some self-respect and not import political slogans from right wing nutjobs in America. The whole “war on Christmas” nonsense started over there as part of the whole “why can’t we live in the 50s anymore?” thing that many white people are going through. I do have a degree of sympathy for people not quite coping with the changes happening around them. But not the people that exploit them writing books like¬†The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought, which was high on the list when I googled for the origins of the phrase. That author follows it up with the no doubt equally magnificent¬†How the Left Swiftboated America: The Liberal Media Conspiracy to Make You Think George Bush Was the Worst President in History.

He also references the Grinch, also part of the American right wing playbook on using religion as a political weapon. Note the irony of using a secular character to get a religious message across. Does Pickles realise how much he demeans the Christian faith by reducing it to fancy lights and pretty pictures?

Eric Pickles doesn’t strike me as savvy enough to realise that the current right wing in America is generally seen as one of the most destructive forces on the planet. He may not even realise where the origin of lines that he is probably only repeating, parrot-like. But it shouldn’t be too hard to realise that if you have a problem with political correctness – which essentially involves being told what the right thing to say and do is – then you shouldn’t be telling people what the right thing to say and do is.

Methinks by the next general election, the best thing Eric Pickles will have done is give the Lib Dems a long list of examples of how the Tories just don’t understand what “localism” means.

Hello to my new fellow party members

I’ve just recently joined the Lib Dems, started blogging, and submitting pieces on Lib Dem Voice. I even have my first online comment (thank you Mike, wherever you are).

That all means this piece is probably blatant self-promotion (check my blog! read my navel-gazing piece on getting into party politics! weep over the beauty of my quite-blurry-actually Franz Ferdinand photos!). In which case, I promote myself to the position of Chief Greeter:

Hello fellow Lib Dems, and I hope you’re having a wonderful day. If not, may you at least manage to achieve my next ambitious goal, namely a nice cup of tea. I look forward to many chats in the virtual cafe that is the internet.

Incidentally, if you are bored or feeling cheeky, I heartily suggest you join me in wilfully immature partisan commenting on John Prescott’s rant about AV. It’s basically substance free populism defending a dysfunctional electoral system that suits his own position, conveniently forgetting his party’s manifesto promises. My response was a sarcastic “You’re absolutely right .. Pledges are for the little people, my Lord”. Any variation on mocking someone who forgoes past promises to accept positions of privilege and then deny others a voice would be suitable.

With luck I shall grow into having a more substantive online voice. But getting stuck in with a little childish fun is never a bad way to start learning :)



Holding site only

For now I’ll only be using this site as a way of maintaining a web identity. It may at some point become my blog for talking about my interests in music, technology and UK politics.

In the meantime, if you’ve dropped by as a result of a comment posted elsewhere – hi, hope it was appreciated. I will get an email alert to any responses to this post, so feel free to leave a comment.