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Jenny introduces Vince’s “industrial renaissance” speech

A bit of politics – oh dear! But bear with me…

My partner Jenny is introducing Vince Cable’s speech today (extracts at…). There’s a number of critical issues at a general election, of course, but the economy is at the heart of it all, and I’m a bit proud to see Jenny picked as a sincere, intelligent voice in politics to introduce perhaps the only leading politician to raise alarms *ahead* of the financial crisis.

The two important points in the speech to me are first, making it clear that the financial crisis made it a tad obvious that blind faith in free markets is cruel insanity (I may be paraphrasing to suit my own tastes here). Second, we need to invest in science and in our industrial base. The tone is important, too, such as being positive about immigrants. I’d have like to see a bit more about the importance of both the economy and science to the NHS, but this is only one speech out of many.

I’m a bit biased, of course, seeing as Jenny is the smartest, most empathetic, and generally wonderfullest woman on planet Earth. But the world would be a better place with more people of her calibre and character in politics. So I’m dead chuffed that’s been recognised in the few years we’ve spent delving into the political arena.

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