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Thames Valley Science Park plans go on display

A science park in the Thames Valley has been in the cards for a while, with planning permission first granted back in 2010. I’m really looking forward to seeing it made real. I’ve been living and working in the “Thames Valley tech corridor” along the M4 since the year 2000, but the original research and development work has always tended to be done elsewhere. The new park is putting its plans on display today.

Lord Carlile announces split from “boring” justice

Lord Carlisle recently announced his firm decision to split away from traditional notions of justice, declaring that he now finds the foundations of British law, which he committed to as a young man, to be “boring”.

Under his proposed laws, tired and outdated ideals such as living our lives as a strong, free and united nation would be retired. In their place, there will be a new policy of splurging out on fancy new technology with more superficial appeal. Lord Carlile is joined by a tiny number of fellow peers in the belief that their sheer self-regard will overcome the mathematical impossibility that less secure infrastructure will produce a more secure country.

Despite historical evidence suggesting that a desire to keep tabs on every citizen is the sign of an insecure nation with a tendency to poor economic judgement and unnecessary war, the group of Lords are confident that it is different when people like them do it. Read more

It’s alive!!

After a long break, I’m reviving this site. Had a problem with the backup, so a lot of content is going to have to be restored (probably manually) from original drafts. If anyone wonders why new content pops up with old dates, that’s why – it’s actually old stuff. Bear with me, caller, we are working to restore the service…