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A witness speaks: Harassment within the Lib Dems

Note: this is not about sexual harassment, the primary focus of the recent Lib Dem harassment scandal. As with the recent BBC scandal, sexual harassment is the most serious form of harassment (with child abuse being the most serious form of that), but may only reflect wider problems with harassment and bullying in general. My post focuses only on my own experience; I do not wish to diminish the even more serious problems elsewhere.

The conclusions of Helena Morrissey’s independent inquiry have now been published. It is a valuable document. It will make painful reading for Lib Dems, but also necessary reading. I say this as Witness 14 in the final report. I wanted to provide useful suggestions rather than just documenting the obstacles I had encountered trying to bring an end to one Lib Dem’s years of harassing local activists, who do not have his profile at the national level. It was good, then, to see one of my comments quoted:

It is worth noting that as with any large organisation that requires good management, the Liberal Democrats are an enterprise like any other. Its size requires a degree of bureaucracy and process. Its goals require commitment and contribution from its members. To realise its potential it must align electoral goals with its core values, rather than treat the former as a reason to discard the latter.

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