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Who woulda thunk it – political conferences are fun

I joined a political party last year with some trepidation. This is only right and proper – growing up in a culture of cynicism and disengagement, it’s easy to be suspicious of the entire political process and it’s inhabitants.

However joining the Lib Dems has proven to be an extremely positive thing for me. The Birmingham conference is nicely rounding out my first year (and a bit). I’ve delivered two short speeches supporting things I care about, both being accepted by the conference. The feeling of acceptance warms my cold heart.

The funny thing is how, having spoken, people start asking what your intentions are. It’s meant in a positive sense, of course. I still feel like I’ve been caught leering at somebody’s daughter :)

Anyway, I’ve learnt about any number of things to do after conference, from rolling out software for the party, to participating in neighbourhood planning, to helping the refugee situation. I think my intention is just get on with doing it all with all these wonderful people I keep meeting.

Being a night owl, it’s not often I’m cheerily eating my breakfast this time of the morning. Something about this conference seems to be agreeing with me :)

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