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My first musical posting is a sad one. It’s just a few layers of improvisation, a mood piece rather than a composition. My wee cousin Katie lost her man to a car accident, and having no idea what to say or to write in a card I sat down at the piano and played how I was feeling for her. It’s rough – first time I’ve ever played like this to a click, for instance – but I guess that’s the point.

Melody Gardot at Union Chapel


Melody Gardot is a wonderful new discovery to me. Laid back, smooth-to-the-point-of-seductive jazz. The vast majority of her repertoire is apparently her own material, and its definitely of a more jazz vein than, say, Norah Jones who I’ve noticed she’s compared to in a few online reviews. I was very glad to have read about this artist – by turns intimate, sad, and sexy, in the wonderful Union Chapel venue, it was a great way to spend an evening.

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Franz Ferdinand at the Hammersmith Apollo


Excellent gig! Even allowing for bias in favour of a band from my beloved Glasgow, this was top banana. Not much dead time, only enough talking (rather than playing) to be friendly, good lighting and visuals without going OTT, and of course cracking tunes. Art rock with a hint of dance, pumping and pulsing beats with the occasional timeout to leave some dramatic space before getting back to rocking out. They’re naturals live.

Not much in the way of moshing for me at this one, though, as I tried to get some good shots. I set up camp towards the rear of the hall where I could have space to avoid knocks. I don’t normally stay that far back but I think it paid off. Click on the link below to see full post including gallery.

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