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No Shame’s 10th Birthday


No Shame is a fun, down-to-earth covers band in Glasgow I used to play drums for. Extremely entertaining, and very tight after ten years of playing together. I drove up to Glasgow “for one night only” to celebrate their 10th anniversary gig, chipping in on a few songs on either keys or guitar. Used the “Afri-Can Guitar” I picked up in Cape Town, made out of a 5L Castrol can. That plays really well, with a fantastic neck, but had a hugely bassy sound – need to work on the EQ for that before I use it live again. 

I also brought along my new Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, specifically bought for live band photography. Really pleased with my first experiments, although learnt an important lesson: set the camera to focus on the centre spot, rather than picking for itself from a choice of nine. There’s no time to be arsing about with the automatic focus when you’re trying to catch live moments. Photos in the full post after the jump.

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